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Spiritual brush

Natural hair brush for acrylic nails, size No. 10. Strong, flexilbil hair, unique, handmade brush for precize and easy work. Important details: We are working with chemicals. Take care to have constantly clean brush and liquid! The brush cleaning must be a gently twisting movement to save the point of the brush! You must have product only one side of your brush! If you rub it on a kitchen paper, the hair can break and dry out. From this point it’s really easy to kill your brush with the dried in materlas. Therefore wipe your brush only on a soft paper, or on tissue. If you make longer nails, you must have a cheaper brush only for clear powder. In fact, this is the point, where is the biggest risk of damage, because the liquid clear product is drying fast and easy into the hair. However cover, dark pink and color materilas need a strong, flexible hair brush for a precize work, to have a clean and beautiful final result. Generally we can say, that the brushes life is about 0,5-1 year long, in a good condition, BUT for small nails and with the use mentioned above! However chemicals strongly affects the texture of the natural hair. In case if a proper use, this brush will help you to have a beautiful result delight of both parties.

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